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Behind The Brand | Visvim

We go behind the scenes with Visvim founder Mr Hiroki Nakamura in Japan, who explains why craftwork runs through every stitch of his denim and workwear designs.
Jay Lees : Gloves?
Indiegaze : Rumour has it that the next Visvim factory will be in John Mayer's basement.
Eonni Byul : this is how visvim made! Im very curious to his brand because BTS namjoon really crazy fanatic tru this brand! and I really like it now!
Tetsuo 000 : Amazing, 3rd favourite Japanese designer/label.
Willy A : what are the beige boots at 2.30? brigadiers?
FC1979 : One of the best Mr Porter videos yet.
P Vendeloo : Just the fact that he is part of every process that his products go through shows the dedication of Hiroki to his brand. In my eyes he is the definition of a true clothing designer/artist.
Alex El Chavo : i agree with you all and even if one piece of clothing from visvim is meant to last a while it is still out of my budget. However, he is one of my favourite designers.
InspirationIsFree : Beautiful video. Great brand. I understand the workmanship that goes into each item of clothing but the price of a shirt is very inhibitive for most people. 
Ismael Hermosillo, Jr. : I love this.  You just see the passion, sincerity, love for his craft from Hiroki.  Was enraptured.

How VISVIM Became VISVIM (The Real Story) 2019


In this episode of _IN PROCESS, we’re taking a look at VISVIM. VISVIM is making arguably the highest quality clothing on Earth right now. And they’re not doing it using luxury materials and marketing. Instead, VISVIM is entirely focused on using time-honored, expert-level craftsmanship.

Hiroki Nakamura started Visvim in 2000, after leaving his 8 year design position at Burton Snowboards Japan. Hiroki is from Tokyo, and as a young man, he had ambitions of being an outdoorsman. He would spend time in Alaska camping, snowboarding, and feeling the pull of nature.

Northern Alaska brought him in touch with many local indigenous groups. Hiroki was exposed to lives and communities that had lived in their ways for countless centuries. Their ornaments had true meaning, their tools served true purpose, and function for their body \u0026 culture. Certain clothes served the purpose of actual living, while others were ceremonial. These garments weren’t made for the purpose of consumerism; rather they were made for the individual– to serve their purpose for as long as possible.

Hiroki built out a shoe to match a pair frequently worn by Terry Hall of the British New Wave Band, FUN BOY THREE. With that, the Visvim FBT sneaker was born.

The design was a mix of old and new; it was a native moccasin with a modern sole. Hiroki used the highest grade leathers and suedes, hand stitching and beadwork, and natural vegetable dyes. Hiroki’s shoes use calfskin, deer skin, and other meticulously sourced materials.

Visvim is reportedly one of the highest quality clothing brands on Earth. The denim is woven from organic cotton on traditional looms, then hand dyed using natural, living bacteria. All of the fabric that Visvim uses is made in house, from traditional methods. The raw materials come from the same lands that people have shared with nature for thousands of years. Navajo textiles are sewn together Ainu tribal techniques. Mud and clay minerals are used to color animal hides.

Visvim comes from someone’s hands in Japan, using techniques from France and materials from New Mexico. Each piece isn’t limited artificially– but because of the time \u0026 dedication that goes into the manufacturing process. Although Visvim is truly in a class all it’s own, Hiroki Nakamura does have a few peers. Yvon Chounard of Patagonia, Errolson Hugh of ACRONYM, and Massimo Osti of Stone Island.

Hiroki’s Japanese heritage is rooted in a love and respect for craftsmanship. He deeply admires ‘native’ ‘indigenous’ ‘first people’, and he wants to embody the true modern version of their methods. Visvim is focused on highlighting the exceptional design of traditional, folk people.

Visvim understands the purity of nature and those that live closest to it. The ‘natural’ life takes tremendous focus and dedication, but the reward is a deep appreciation and connection to every thread of existence. Hiroki Nakamura is constantly working with the natural world to FIND BETTER WAY TO BE AS YOU WERE ALWAYS MEANT TO BE.

That’s what it means to Push Product.

Instagram @pushproduct


Clark : It's not true that Hiroki doesn't make shoes In China...if you're a visvim owner you know he utilizes manufacturing in china
Mr man : really? overprice.
C. Ling : Wait is it cultural appropriation then?
Sam Schwartz : this series should be called product recall
Chris Su : wushiiwara eroshi
Shredder Mac Lovin : Excellent video. Thank you for the work you put In.
Adrian Daniel : As someone living in Alaska its actually great to see Alaskan Native culture and representation getting spread
Alieu Kamara : This is amazing and inspirational content.
Sonny slicka : Please do a “How Theophilus London became”
Thomas Nelson : Visvim May use techniques from japan and France, but most of their shit (footwear) is produced in China

John Mayer Explains His Personal Style | GQ

John Mayer talks about dressing in the moment, his love for Visvim, and why people in their thirties should take more risks. To see more of John's style:

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John Mayer Explains His Personal Style | GQ
João Duarte : the accidental hilarity of this video is chefs kiss
David vs Goliath : The music takes the interview to the next level
合. Invoker ft shin gaming : Japanese streetwear
Pedro Fontana : WTF's this? I came here for his style as a guitarist!
firdhan mubaroqah suryadi : CEO of Visvim
Julyn WInkelman : Man I love him
Sushi Vomit : Smart guy
Roberto Vidal : I want him to use those millions to vowel swap that E into and O. Permanent Mayoral status.
AJ Harvey : Yes! A ten things John can’t live without @GQ
noob rider sydney : vi s vi m




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