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Ultimate Lexus IS200/IS300/Altezza Sound Compilation

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Sound compilation of one of the best JDM 4-door sedans, powered by the mighty 2JZ motor*! Awesome Sound! Subscribe for weekly videos!

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*It's powered by the 2JZ-GE,1G-FE & 3S-GE motors. Common swaps for these cars are 1JZ-GTE & 2JZ-GTE Supra Motors.
Luca Ramjeeawon : 0:28 turbo or aspirated?
Dan Syz : 950-ый
Benny Blanco : Lexus Gang
SrWardo93 : Just got my 02 IS300.... I can to ride it
R.G.A : fake... is not is200 and is300 all are 2jzGTE
Coby Worrell : Loving the Lexus
Dani Hart : Last one is the Toyota altezza 4 cilinder!
sakuyo242 : Solid vid bro but whats the priginal clip at 0:15 silver is300 with the black wing?
yeet ed : does anybody know of any rwd coupes that are 4 seater and have circle headlights

Toyota Altezza Rocket Bunny (The Avatar) | 4K

This time we bring you this project
Toyota Altezza 2003
- 596whp
1JZ-Gte engine
Turbo GT45
Transmission R154
ACT Clutch
Differential chasser
850cc Injectors
DLI hks Spark box
AEM 340LPH Gasoline Pump
Suspensions Cusco
Cluster is350 Custom light
Headlight Custom
Wideband AEM
Autometer Cobalt Clock Kit, Frontal bumper Rocket Bunny
Rear Bumper JDL custom
Lip Hipposlek
Spoyler Hipposlek
Hood Custom TBT
Fender Rocket Bunny Kit,
I like and subscribe!
teleporterende kapitein : Love that steering wheel ?
Stephon Thomas : does the owner have a instagram?
LUKA : please,where can i find those bumpers,i cant find them anywhere? both front and rear,what are they?
Seth Nesmith : What body kit is this
Seth Nesmith : Seriously watch this everyday, will be importing one from Japan soon to start my build!
YaboiQue 6 : Karin sultan
Brett Ottman : Where do I get those over fenders? I need!
Jeremy Dudley : Just had to double check I wasn't on pornhub...
chris thomas : What kind of spoiler is that i want it for mt IS300 please
AadmonishmentT : My Altezza look sick but I'm loving this one , this is awesome




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