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Canada Goose Chilliwack Size Comparison (XS, S, M, L, 3XL)
If you are interested in a heavily discounted Canada Goose coat check out the link above for my full collection of pre-owned and new, 100% authentic Canada Goose

I'm about 5'8 145 lbs (slim build). Trying on 5 different sized Canada Goose Chilliwack coats. A men's small fits me best. Hopefully helpful when deciding which size to order.

Here is another even more helpful resource for determine the best size for you (scroll down to "what's my size"--its below the color circles)
T M : i ordered a xxl size denim jacket and i am worried will it fit.
Malik King : I’m a 6”3 145lb I ordered a large u think medium better ?
HeatedX : turn on captions and go to 0:26 he says nigger
Peanuttbutterjellytoby : I’m 6 foot and 190 pounds, my shoulders are pretty broad, should I go for a large or XL
S k : I’m 160 pounds and 6”1 should I go for a medium?
Sebastian Loaiza : Videos like these actually help a lot because you can actually see how it look on a real person
Jack Knight : im just shy of 5'6 and ordered a small, do u think that will be ok?
Lucas Damgaard : Do you Think i could go for a L? 185 lbs 5’10
Rivvan Mullins : I’m 5,10 170 what size do people recommend?
Meme Feet : I’m 5,2 shall I get xs

Canada Goose Shelburne Parka Review

•Ģâmìņğ Jessi• : Oh goshh‍♂️
Roger Pom : shay i love your video ive been heavily debating on getting a Canada goose parka and i just might do it!!!
Plu : Forget about the jacket, ur pretty
Pinkpartypieces : Looks really pretty on you, I would pick a size that you can wear a sweater under too, I bought a large, the guy in the shop was trying to get me in a medium,,, but its Canada, and its freeeeezzzzing, I'm always seeing people wear Canada Goose here, and when they're tight they look awful.
Halloween 666 : Can I send you candan gooes jacket boomer
・Hope : 1 coyote + 6 goose = 1 coat those it worth it??
Who Knows? : So many butthurt vegans.
Khalid Abida : bieautiful bb
Zodiac Lover : Those are animal in the fur and those are goose and coyotes ur an evil person
Zodiac Lover : Stop don’t ur a dumb bitch


This video shows two women's winter coats in detail.
The brand is Canada Goose
Enjoy the video!
colleen chadwick : thank you for your canada goose reviews! they helped me to pick the right coat for me. great video.
TiaSelections : Thank you for supporting biodegradable fur! Faux fur lives forever in landfills.
Ana Crane : You both are awesome. Looking to purchase one for a Christmas gift for my daughter. It is down to these 2. I was Psyched to see that you reviewed both coats thank you so much. Great job you guys make a beautiful team.
Meena Dang : Your daughter is cute, omg your voice sounds funny to me, I like your voice. The way your daughter act to follow your command with her face attitude was like “Mom I am hungry,” just like me i do it with my mom everyday :))). I will buy the trillium.
Jo. : Are both of those parkas in fusion fit? What is you daughter height and weight? That would be a lot of help for those people buying online especially internationally.
Jennifer Brock : Just wondering if either of you noticed a big warmth difference from the Rossclair vs trillium? Also with the Rossclair being long in the back does it give more butt coverage with sit with the coat on or are they the same?
Maria Smith : I suppose its much too late to ask, but what size is that? Im trying to figure out my size in trillium. I ordered it in xs, and now Im really worried that it is going to be too small. But the measurements seem right. Im just worrying, and worrying, that I will have to return it. And all Im getting so far is a headache. It looks lovely on this beautiful young lady, of course. You really are blessed. You said the trillium was looser.
debyang Tone : Model lady so pretty ❤️
Dawn Mckeown : Aww your model is adorable!! What coat would you choose out of the 2? Ty for your help and this video❤️
chocolate kisses : The blessed don't make videos anymore ?




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