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Unboxing of the BenQ MH680 Full HD 3D DLP Projector

The Benq MH680 is a light and portable, feature rich projector that is perfect for education and business applications.

Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution
3000 Lumens
10,000:1 contrast ratio
Wireless display, USB display, USB reader function
Supports 3D viewing
Weighs just under 6 lbs.
Harshad Kodapparambil : How much this price
CRy3Gen : Does anyone know if there is a lot of Rainbow Effect in Films. Fast Scenes where the Colours splits up because of just one Bulb (or DLP) ?
Franz Chamorro : four years after, nice device , It still runnign well. in amazon the price rise to us$1.263.
joe joe : Nice Image, ceiling mounted but have had two of these projectors already replaced under warranty that refuse to start until unplugged from the power source. The present (third unit) is also now refusing to start (only 150 hrs ) and also will not stay on auto search . Warranty has been a very frustrating experience and so far in the first 6 months of 2018 we have had 2 full months of just waiting for reply's from Benq support . 2017 was also months of delays for repairs and replacements.
Jennifer Parsons : BenQ MH741 1080p DLP 3D Projector MH741 Digital Projector features Full 1080p native resolution, 4000 ANSI lumens brightness, a 10,000:1 high contrast ratio. Full HD 3D support with dual HDMI MHL port and optional wireless display kit. Works well and easy to use. Recommend this brand
Astro : I heard my teacher talking about this projecter I'm not supposed to know but I do.(not)
SundayMint : BenQ MX823ST DLP Short-Throw Projector
Rubia DvR : how do I connect to my iMac? I am connecting by USB port and it does not I need a USB to Thunderbolt cable
or should I just buy the wifi connector and bypass all wiring?
MaH3R J3DDAH : Well I only buy this after I watch this video here in Dubai it's about 3.100 AD it's amazing for home threatener
toocoolforu : Looks like a good projector but the input ports are seriously outdated


BenQ MH680 Full HD 3D John Wick

CRy3Gen : I'm thinking of Buying one of these in a few hours, Can you tell me if there is much Rainbow Artifact, Its where there is a lot of colour splitting during fast Scenes.




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