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Zoro fights on bandit bridge |reaction mashup| op 933

Zorro loses his sword, then finds them with bandits on the bridge, and a clash takes place between them. Suddenly, a woman appears with a child, and a person chases her and asks for help from Zorro and Zorro protects her in exchange for a meal.

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Spark Reaction : Don't post Manga spoilers..
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Raizen dei luffy Rivera : Galing ng reaction ni benjie paras ay dong abay pala
Carnac Rico : Helping woman is a simp now
wu xy : The thing is that Kamazo is probably stronger than Arlong, Crocodile or Pica. Let that sink in. A random street thug in wano would be the strongest person in the East Blue. Damn new world is crazy lol
hemanth gowda : That's killer
James Dougherty : Everyone crying noooo at the end is just marvelous
SlacKerZ1 zzz : Seeing toko now is just so fucking sad...
Mohammed Alawadhi : Bruh that Arabic
Guy is the new uzumaki khan
محمد الشهراني :
Erick Pusarico : Esta animacion me gusto muchisimo

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