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acer 프로젝터 P1500


Acer C250i Portable Projector | Perfect travel solution?

Unboxing, setup and features review of the Acer C250i portable projector, a mini travel solution that's highly flexible and easy to use. You can cast your Android or iPhone mobile's screen to any wall, ceiling or surface, either wirelessly or via USB. Plus there's full support for HDMI, microSD and SSD with the USB-A port.

The C250i puts out a Full HD image, complete with very respectable colour and contrast for a portable projector. At 300 lumens, the brightness level is good enough to provide strong clarity even in daylight, so you can enjoy some Netflix, YouTube or whatever wherever you roam.

In this hands-on review, I try streaming some video using two Android phones. We take a tour of the UI and the rest of Acer's hardware too, and see why this may be your best option if you want a travel projector. However, there's no built-in OS for directly streaming content from the web. You'll need to pair with a phone or some other device in order to access streaming services.

Tempted by the C250i? Let us know below!

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